The series C:/Liselottl/to_be_expired/geographies continues with an enquiry about the address in Modern Life which I started investigating with the project ego_Eimai_341 in 2007. This enquiry raises the question of identity and the production of the subject by means of the address (that is a ‘political subject’) as a condition of the city in modernity. That is to say, since 19c the modern metropolis emerged as a writing/reading system; the self was internalised and codified within a system of coordinates that distributed individuals within a topography that included both geography and statistical subjects: an artificial maneuver of, literally, writing an external layer of written information over the city and its inhabitants imposed as a way of control and governance. In the individual, this external writing is internalised in the form of the address. It is an urban condition: to be an individual an address is required. The address becomes a writing machine producing subjects within the urban fabric. 

For each of these Geographies, or clues to personal geographies, I begin the map of my own address. And, as in life we tend to have different groups that inform further our identity, I overlay the maps of each person belonging to a given group. I can also overlay maps of special events in my life. Either group of people (family, friends, work) or events in my life, the address in the map is the starting point. 

Each page is printed with a repetition of a given address, then the map of that address is cut out from it, and the main arteries are codified as yellow and pink, and parks and open areas identified with translucent material. 

As I layer map over map a new fabric is formed. Each piece is a clue to the fabric of my own identity.


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