“For nothing gives more food for thought that what goes in the head of a fool. Those who are like parrots, in a group, are also “prophetic birds”: their chatter indicates the presence of a low” (Gilles Deleuze, “Proust in Proust and Signs the Complete Text”, pp 83)


“ Words are powerful tools an can bear heavy consequences; they can be the thin line between generosity and violence, despair and compassion. We are living in a very heightened period of time, where both through the everyday and through social media we encounter the horrendous distribution of license to abuse others.” (Stefan Jovanovic, “Faggot in the Computer Lab” in AArchitecture31, pp 68)


The series Obliterated_e follow the current state of affairs as revealed by mass media coverage of the 45th presidency insipient denial of commonness. Or in words it follows the discourse in favour to stubborn nationalism, considering the 45th president as a symptom of a social phenomenon spread in many parts of the world as a response to the global populist movement.  


In my everyday commuting I collect newspapers and magazine coverage. From the first day in office, the news coverage is being extensive. Although, and as months pass by, the initial shock has given way to a sort of ‘social forgetting,’ as if, day after day the political issues and mishaps are becoming normal.


From the collected newspaper clips Hilanda removes every ‘e.’ And as an act of stubborn optimism she sticks them all onto a board as to signify that despite all efforts to obliterate common ground that which is shared by most will prevail. The voids left by the removed e’s in each news clip are then recorded individually in paper. 


Work in progress



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